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Best Betting Sites

At Oddsbook, we review the best betting sites so you can simply the one that suits you the most. Read on to understand more about how we test sportsbooks and what our criteria for good betting sites are.

Which sportsbook is the best?

This comprehensive guide will review the top 5 sportsbooks for punters. We'll also explain why they are so special. We will discuss everything you need to know to be a successful sportsbettor, including where it is legal and what type of bets are available. To learn more, check out our reviews of sportsbooks!

Our 5 review criteria

When we review a betting site, we always consider a host of different criteria. This is what we consider most important:

Quantity and variety of bets

We find that it's important to have the choice between many bets. That means, a good sportsbook must offer bets on different games in many leagues and the maximum number of matches within a given league each day. This is what we consier the quantity of bets. Once a betting site as clearly shown do pass this quantity test, it must have a big variety of bets. So basically it goes like this: If a betting site offers a ton of different matches but for these matches the bets are very narrow, i.e. you can only bet on the winner of an event, we would consider this a very small variety of bets. A good bookie must therefore offer as many matches as possible and at the same time deep betting option. Tip: Use our football predictions to find out which bet has the highest value for you and where to bet.

Odds quality score

We internally calculate the margins the operators use to make a profit. At the end of the day, each bookie will reserve a certain percent of each bet as a calculated profit. So if a betting site considers the chance of team A winning to be 50 %, then it should mathematically offer betting odds of 2.0 for a win. But in reality, the bookie will subtract a small percentage in hopes to make a profit. In this example, the odds could be 1.96 (slightly less than theoretically calculated). The smaller this margin is, the better for the player. Therefore we calculate and show you the RTP of each bookie in our betting site comprison.

Safety & support

Bookmakers must also be efficient in their customer service. Although 24/7 support is nice, it's not always possible. Punters should still be able to contact agents via telephone, email, and live chat. 1XBet has been praised for its high level of support.

Website & app

Many bets on sporting events are placed today on mobile devices. It is now more important than ever for sportsbooks that can be used on mobile devices. Each of the recommended bookmakers has made every effort to make sure mobile customers are taken care of. 888sport has one website that is great on mobile.

Bonus & loyalty program

Another way that betting sites try to attract new customers is through their welcome offers. These rewards, whether it's a match deposit bonus or a free bet are very attractive. Every one of the recommended betting websites offers some kind of welcome offer. Before signing up, make sure you read the T&Cs.